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Treatments Available

Posture and relaxation

One of the leading causes of pain and tension is bad posture. We provide excellent therapy to re-align posture to alleviate minor pains and relax your body.


Arthritis can cause severe pain in the joints which, at times, is not helped even by medicines. Our rehabilitative services have proven effective even in extreme cases of arthritis.


After any surgical procedure, special care is needed to ensure the pain is managed properly and the wound is healed properly. We take the patient’s health history into account before suggesting the treatment plan  to prevent post-op complications.


The minor fractures may lead to major complications if they are not treated properly and timely. One ideally must opt for physiotherapy to prevent the complications after orthopedic management of fractures like contractures or muscle shortening.

Sports & Soft Tissue Injuries

Sports and Soft Tissue Injuries include muscles, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage damages that often lead to severe pain. Sprains and strains can range from something as minor as a muscle pull to something as major as a steep fall from the stairs. If not treated on time, these pains can cause mental exhaustion and frustration.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is a major cause of headaches. By working on the tight muscles and stiff joints in the neck and shoulders, our treatment reduces the tension and trigger points that relieve pain.

Back Pain

Back pain requires an exercise program that improves mobility functions and strengthens your muscles. Our treatment focuses on reducing pain and stiffness to give you more control.

Knee Pain

Knee pain takes a toll on the whole body. We recommend a treatment plan after examining your strength and range of motion. Our focus is on helping you fulfill your individual goals.

Inflammatory Conditions

Inflammation is very irritating. While traditional medicines help, our experts make a customized treatment plan that reduces swelling and speeds the inflammation process.



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