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Our Dedicated Doctors

Our team of doctors and professionals are well versed in dealing with therapy and rehabilitation services. They will help you get back into society with more confidence!

Dr. Irfan Ullah

Consultant Physiotherapist ( Experience 4 Years )

Dr. Irfan Ullah is a Cardiopulmonary rehab specialist with two years of working experience, he accepts challenging opportunities under a professional environment to generate and contribute high-quality results.

Dr. Iqra Shabbir

Physiotherapist (4 Years Experience)

Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist 

Certified First Aider, BLS, ALS

Dr. Iqra Shabbir is confident and skilled Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapist with 3 years of Experience in variety of hospital, clinical and diagnostic settings dealing with Orthopedic, Sports-related, neurological conditions as well as post operative rehabilitation.
She has specialty in treating musculoskeletal conditions such as Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and many others, in a shortest frame possible. She is expertly placed to advice on returning to full fitness and preventing injury.
Dedicated to continuing her education and evolving her skills, she consistently thrives to evolve her practice by merging the most current evidence based literature with holistic approach.

Dr. Khansa Majeed

Psychologist ( Experience 1.5 Years )

Dr. Khansa Majeed is a healer and highly professional in her work of Counselling and therapy services including various techniques and approaches like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, solution-focused therapy, client-centered therapy, family & marital counseling, anger and stress management and conflict resolution, and other electric techniques. Amongst our holistic services, we’ve got versatile therapists/clinical psychologists & counselors for psychological therapy and child management issues.”
We provide international standards of ethical therapy practice as well.

Dr. Aliza Zahra

Nutritionist ( Experience 3.5 Years )

Innovative and experienced nutritionist with 3 years of expertise (at CMH hospital, AFIC-NIH, PAF hospital, Holy Family hospital, and THQ hospital) in conducting nutrition assessments and evaluating lifestyle factors.

Dr. Laila Sohrab

Speech Therapist ( Experience 2 Years )

Speech and language pathologist Laila Sohrab. MS in speech and language pathology with 2 years of experience( at NESCOM hospital, BASES clinic) working with Autism spectrum, Down syndrome, Speech delay, language disorder, swallowing disorder, Hearing impairment, stroke, and Stammering.

Dr. Faiqa Shahid

Physiotherapist ( Experience 3 Years )

Member of HCPC
The UK registered and experienced physiotherapists offer a wide range of recovery-focused treatments to enable patients to restore, maintain and rehabilitate movement physically and improve patient well-being.

Dr. Rameen Shahzad

Physiotherapist ( Experience 2 Years )

Doctor of physical therapy DPT
Certified First Aider BLS
Pain management Specialist

Dr. Rameen Shahzad is a committed, caring and a friendly physiotherapist with a great passion of helping people of all ages. She has previous experience in supporting a variety of patients ranging from children suffering from development problems to adults and the elderly affected by and recovering from injuries and movement disorders.

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