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Physical Therapy for Arthritis

Physical therapy is a combination of various practices and techniques used to relieve pain in any body part. Commonly massages and strengthening exercises are utilized to improve the arthritis condition. However, methods such as ice and heat, stretching, balancing, and others are also effective for arthritis treatment. Physical therapy aims to reduce the load on the joints of the body by improving muscle strength.

  • Joint Range Motion

One of the common issues faced by the patient of Arthritis includes stiffness in joints and bones. These lead to a decrease in the range motion of the joints. Physical Therapists try to gradually increase the movement through exercises that attempt to complete the joint’s movement in various directions.

  • Strengthen the Muscles

Physical therapy also focuses on exercises that develop targeted muscles around the arthritic joint. For instance, if Osteoarthritis impacts the elbow joint, the therapist works on the Biceps, triceps, and forearm muscles connected at the elbow. Increased muscle strength gives support to the joints and relieves the pain as well.

  • Posture and Balance

A streamlined body posture reduces unequal weight and load on the joints. Thus to avoid arthritic pain, one must try to maintain a good pose while standing or sitting. Moreover, a good posture helps improve the balance of the body and avoid unnecessary falls. Activities like walks on different terrain and elevated surfaces enhance the balance of the body as well.

  • Manual therapy

Manual therapy includes massages that restore the dislocated or affected joint to its original place. It also has treatments like deep tissue massages, heat and ice sessions. The ice packs or warm water bottles can relieve pain and also help muscle growth.

Physical therapy is often considered to be time-consuming and a never-ending treatment. The aim of physical therapy for Arthritis is to improve your joint mobility steadily, and if conducted in a fast-forward routine, it might have severe consequences. Moreover, physical therapy improve the joints in the long run if the therapy exercises and activities are regularly at home.

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